Macro Exec Plugin

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MacroExecPlugin allows you to execute Macro Actions and Epass services from Field Triggers via Advanced Coding.

Advanced coding is very limited to just a few loan functions like fields and a few standard functions like MsgBox. You cannot call Macro functions from Field Trigger advanced code same way you would inside an Input Form event handler. MacroExecPlugin solves this limitation via a global plugin that monitors changes to [CX.MACRO.ACTION] and [CX.MACRO.SIGNATURE] fields and then calling Macro.ExeciAction() and Macro.ExecSignature() functions.

In case when your field trigger often occurs in the middle of a loan recalculation or a chain of field updates, optional parameter [CX.MACRO.DELAYMS] can be set to delay execution by a number of milliseconds enough for calculations to finish.

Following is an example how MacroExecPlugin can be used to popup MI dialog "mipff" action inside a field trigger for LTV:

If you need to test or debug when MacroExecPlugin executes, you can use standard Encompass Debug registry flag HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Ellie Mae\Encompass\"Debug"="1". A log file will be created in C:\Users\USERID\AppData\LocalLow\Apps\Ellie Mae\xIHR5EqGa7zPnRG0YpD5z4TPAB0=\EncompassData\Settings\Logs\

An Admin Test form is provided for your convinience. You can test each Action / Signature and you can open the log file directly from this form. Screenshot below:

You can find the list of standard actions in Appendix B of Encompass360 Input Form Builder User’s Guide. Standard actions are: 1stmor addregistration altlender baseincome cashflow ccprog cityfee cityfeeca condlist copyaddr detailrequest editcheck fhamaxloan geocode hazins hud1a hudsetup importliab income investor loanprog loanprog2 manageborrowers mersmin mipff mortg mtginsprem mtginspremca mtginsreserv orderappraisal ordercredit orderflood ordertitle other otherf plancode presenthe productandpricing ratespread resetrequestform retaxes selecttemplate statefee statefeeca subfin subfin2 syncbrw taxes taxesreserv transferto trusteedb userfee1 userfee1ca userfee2 userfee2ca userfee3 userfee3ca viewcredit vod voe vol vom vor zoomarm.

There are also few nonstandard actions to run various services and popup various forms. For example: accesslenders getindex getpricing exportulddfannie exportulddfreddie 203kws allotherpay basecost cashavailable cashflow closingcosts edithudgfe1203 edithudgfe801 edithudgfe802 editpuradvintcal editregistration enerfyimprove escrowtable feedetails gotosection32 hmda...

ExecSignature allows you to execute EPASS services to select vendors or from specific vendors. You can contact Ellie Mae to get a list of EPASS Signatures for the services you need.

Examples of generic services EPASS Signatures where Vendor will be selected from the list:
Appraisal: _EPASS_SIGNATURE;EPASSAI;2;Appraisal
Credit Report: _EPASS_SIGNATURE;EPASSAI;2;Credit+Report
Mortgage Insurance: _EPASS_SIGNATURE;EPASSAI;2;Mortgage+Insurance

Examples of specific vendor EPASS Signatures: