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This plugin disables ESC and F5 in internal Encompass IE control which is used for input forms. This is accomplished via Win32 window subclassing techniques.

The main reason to disable ESC – hitting ESC twice will clear the form completely. If currently selected field is loan value, the loan will recalculate with wrong data.

The main reason to disable F5 – hitting F5 refreshes the form. All the custom button actions will not work after.

1. Installation

1. Run Input Form Builder and go to menu "Tools / Package Import Wizard".
2. Select DisableEscF5PluginPackage.empkg, Click the “Next” button and confim import.


3. Run Encompass as "admin". You will see a prompt that DisableEscF5Plugin license key is missing. Click "Yes" for license key dialog. Click the link to get a new license key.


4. You will need to submit your ClientID and admin email to generate the new key.


2. Testing

Open any loan. Go to any form. Click on any field. Click ESC twice. Nothing should happen. All values should remain on the form.

3. Settings

License key is saved in C:\EncompassData\Data\CustomData\DisableEscF5PluginLicenseKey.txt
This plugin does not create any logging or debug traces.