Biz Rule Analyzer - Invalid Fields Report

Invalid Fields Reports allows you to find fields which are misspeled in business rules or have been removed from Encompass. Usually rules with such errors will silently fail.

For better results, you may want to export exact field definitions for your Encompass via our Field Explorer tool. Biz Rule Analyzer can read all the custom fields correctly, however the definitions for standard and virtual fields depend on the server version and configuration. If you just upgraded your server and need Field Explorer to update your field definitions, please Contact Us.

Example screenshots:

1. Example of Biz Rule Analyzer showing misspelled field [FM104] instead of [FM0104]

2. Example of Biz Rule Analyzer showing missing fields inside a field trigger

3. Field trigger in Encompass which is missing the field identified in above example

Invalid field detection will work 100% correct inside Field Triggers. However, strings are parsed as fields inside Form Code. As such, missing fields inside form code may be misidentified as in example below. The best approach would be to review each reported invalid field individually to make sure it is in fact misspelled or missing.

4. Example of a string misidentified as field by Biz Rule Analyzer