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25 Option Values for Field [DD0012] in Encompass 19.1

Option Value Display Text
Bond Bond
BridgeLoanNotDeposited Bridge Loan Not Deposited
CashDepositOnSalesContract Cash Deposit On Sales Contract
CashOnHand Cash On Hand
CertificateOfDepositTimeDeposit Certificate Of Deposit
CheckingAccount Checking Account
GiftOfEquity Gift Of Equity
GiftsNotDeposited Gifts Not Deposited
GiftsTotal Gifts Total
IndividualDevelopmentAccount Individual Development Account
LifeInsurance Life Insurance
MoneyMarketFund Money Market Fund
MutualFund Mutual Funds
NetEquity Net Equity
NetWorthOfBusinessOwned Net Worth Of Business Owned
Other Other
OtherLiquidAssets Other Liquid Assets
OtherNonLiquidAssets Other Non Liquid Assets
PendingNetSaleProceedsFromRealEstateAssets Net Proceeds From Real Estate Assets
RetirementFund Retirement Funds
SavingsAccount Savings Account
SecuredBorrowedFundsNotDeposited Secured Borrowed Funds Not Deposited
Stock Stock
StockOptions Stock Options
TrustAccount Trust Account