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27 Option Values for Field [34] in Encompass 19.1

Option Value Display Text
BridgeLoan Bridge Loan
CashOnHand Cash On Hand
CheckingSavings Checking/Savings
DepositOnSales Contract Deposit On Sales Contract
DepositOnSalesContract Deposit On Sales Contract
EquityOnPendingSale Equity On Pending Sale
EquityOnSoldProperty Equity On Sold Property
EquityOnSubjectProperty Equity On Subject Property
FHAGiftSourceEmployer FHA - Gift - Source Employer
FHAGiftSourceGovernmentAssistance FHA - Gift - Source Government Assistance
FHAGiftSourceNA FHA - Gift - Source N/A
FHAGiftSourceNonprofitNonSellerFunded FHA - Gift - Source Nonprofit/Religious/Community - Non-Seller Funded
FHAGiftSourceNonprofitSellerFunded FHA - Gift - Source Nonprofit/Religious/Community - Seller Funded
FHAGiftSourceRelative FHA - Gift - Source Relative
GiftFunds Gift Funds
LifeInsuranceCashValue Life Insurance Cash Value
LotEquity Lot Equity
OtherTypeOfDownPayment Other Type Of Down Payment
RentWithOptionToPurchase Rent With Option To Purchase
RetirementFunds Retirement Funds
SaleOfChattel Sale Of Chattel
SecuredBorrowedFunds Secured Borrowed Funds
StocksAndBonds Stocks And Bonds
SweatEquity Sweat Equity
TradeEquity Trade Equity
TrustFunds Trust Funds
UnsecuredBorrowedFunds Unsecured Borrowed Funds