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33 Option Values for Field [145] in Encompass 18.4

Option Value Display Text
AccessoryUnitIncome Accessory Unit Income
AlimonyChildSupport Alimony/Child Support
AutomobileExpenseAccount Automobile/Expense Account
CapitalGains Capital Gains
EmploymentRelatedAssets Employment Related Assets
FNMBoarderIncome FNM Boarder Income
FNMGovernmentMortgageCreditCertificate FNM Government Mortgage Credit Certificate
ForeignIncome Foreign Income
FosterCare Foster Care
MilitaryBasePay Military Base Pay
MilitaryClothesAllowance Military Clothes Allowance
MilitaryCombatPay Military Combat Pay
MilitaryFlightPay Military Flight Pay
MilitaryHazardPay Military Hazard Pay
MilitaryOverseasPay Military Overseas Pay
MilitaryPropPay Military Prop Pay
MilitaryQuartersAllowance Military Quarters Allowance
MilitaryRationsAllowance Military Rations Allowance
MilitaryVariableHousingAllowance Military Variable Housing Allowance
MortgageDifferential Real Estate/Mortgage Differential
Non-borrowerHouseholdIncome Non-borrower Household Income
NotesReceivableInstallment Notes Receivable/Installment
OtherIncome Other Types Of Income
Pension Pension/Retirement Income
RoyaltyPayment Royalty Payment
SeasonalIncome Seasonal Income
Section8 Housing Choice Voucher Program (Section 8)
SocialSecurity Social Security/Disability Income
TemporaryLeave Temporary Leave
TipIncome Tip Income
Trust Trust Income
Unemployment Unemployment/Public Assistance
VABenefitsNonEducational VA Benefits NonEducational