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8 Option Values for Field [1065] in Encompass 18.4

Option Value Display Text
ActuallyOccupyPropertyAsMyHome I now actually occupy the above property as my home
ActuallyOccupyPropertyWithin60DaysContinueAtLeast1Year I, the Borrower or Co-Borrower will occupy the property within 60 days of signing the security instrument, and intend to continue occupancy for at least one year
DoNotIntendToOccupyPropertyAsMyHome I do not intend to occupy the property as my primary residence
PreviouslyDependentOccupiedWhileVeteranOnActiveMilitaryDuty I was on active military duty...my dependent child occupied home
PreviouslyOccupiedTheProperty I previously occupied the property as my home
PreviouslyOccupiedWhileSpouseOnActiveMilitaryDuty While my spouse was on active military duty...I previously
SpouseOnActiveMilitaryDuty My spouse is on active military duty and I occupy
VeteranOnActiveMilitaryDuty I am active duty and my dependent child occupies home