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26 Option Values for Field [CD3.X1005] in Encompass 17.4

Option Value Display Text
BoroughPropertyTax Borough Property Tax
CityPropertyTax City Property Tax
CondominiumAssociationDues Condominium Association Dues
CondominiumAssociationSpecialAssessment Condominium Association Special Assessment
CooperativeAssociationDues Cooperative Association Dues
CooperativeAssociationSpecialAssessment Cooperative Association Special Assessment
CountyPropertyTax County Property Tax
DistrictPropertyTax District Property Tax
EarthquakeInsurancePremium Earthquake Insurance Premium
FloodInsurancePremium Flood Insurance Premium
GroundRent Ground Rent
HailInsurancePremium Hail Insurance Premium
HazardInsurancePremium Hazard Insurance Premium
HomeownersAssociationDues Homeowners Association Dues
HomeownersAssociationSpecialAssessment Homeowners Association Special Assessment
HomeownersInsurancePremium Homeowners Insurance Premium
InterestOnLoanAssumption Interest On Loan Assumption
MortgageInsurancePremium Mortgage Insurance Premium
Other Other
PastDuePropertyTax Past Due Property Tax
RentFromSubjectProperty Rent From Subject Property
StatePropertyTax State Property Tax
TownPropertyTax Town Property Tax
Utilities Utilities
VolcanoInsurancePremium Volcano Insurance Premium
WindAndStormInsurancePremium Wind And Storm Insurance Premium