Loan Monitor for Ellie Mae Encompass

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Loan Monitor will allow you to see which fields change in Encompass in real time. It will also show all other fields changing as a result of one change.

It's the #1 tool to quickly see everything happening in a loan, and helping with Customization, Testing, Calculations, Field Triggers and Plugins.

SuperCharge Your Sense Of What Encompass Is Doing

1. Ability to activate on specific computers when needed in production environment.
2. Color highlights to emphasize first "trigger" changes.
3. "Click Highlights" as bookmarks for quicker review.
4. "Executive Summary" of final changes ignoring intermediate changes.
5. Note of input forms and tool forms being loaded in Encompass.
6. Change events for documents, conditions, milestones, ...
7. Quick Excel exports for all changes and summaries.
8. Highlight of URLA fields - showing fields from Old 2009, New 2020 and Both
9. Ability to quickly review / change field values to quickly check biz rules triggering

URLA Field Highlighting:

Fields which are on both old 1003 URLA 2009 forms and new 1003 URLA 2020 forms are highlighted in "greenish" color with a letter "B" for "Both"

Fields which are only on the old 1003 URLA 2009 form in "lighter bluish" color with a letter "O" for "Old"

Fields which are only on the new 1003 URLA 2020 form in "darker bluish" color with a letter "N" for "New"

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Changed Fields Summary:

Excel Export: