Loan Debugger for Ellie Mae Encompass

Last Update 05/22/2018   Version   Request via Email:

Loan Debugger will allow you to run a comprehensive "health check" of your Business Rules on-demand at any time just when you need it.

It will show you summaries of all business rules that executed, all rules that errored out, in real time and without HOURS spent analyzing Debug Logs.

SuperCharge Your Troubleshooting Powers Beyond the Debug Log


1. Just-in-time activation when needed.
2. Shows all calculations that take place before Loan Open events occur.
3. Shows all field triggers and calculations that execute during loan changes.
4. Quick "executive summary" for all errors, missing fields, all field triggers that failed, ...
5. Reduces amount of information you need to process by a factor of 1,000x!

Quick Demo Video (only 3 minutes):


Do you love Excel Reports?

Loan Debugger generates the best outline/cause/effect reports for field changes & trigger execution in Excel:

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