Field Explorer for Ellie Mae Encompass

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Field Explorer allows you to quickly find and filter all standard, virtual and custom fields. Especially useful in Time & Cost saving for large integration projects where many fields may need to be found and tested.

Field Explorer Pro also adds RDB and Audit fields to the same "smart list". This allows to quickly see which fields can be used for Reporting or SDK integrations utilizing RDB.

SuperCharge Your Field Search and Reporting Potential
Field Explorer for Encompass360 Windows 7 Screenshot
Field Explorer Pro for Encompass360

More Features / Value:

1. Allows to see exact values for Option Fields.
2. Allows to generate If / ElseIf Field Trigger Code.
3. Allows to examine which multi-instance fields are set for Audit and which not
4. Complete Field Export to Excel
5. Works well with Field Values form to quickly check field values.
6. Tremendously speeds up software development projects and troubleshooting.

Field Explorer for Encompass360 - Field Option Enumeration And Code Generator
Field Explorer for Encompass360 - Excel Export