Remove Services Tab And Menu

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This plugin allows you to restrict Loan Officers from running incorrect services prematurily (i.e. DU). It can also be used to enforce a specific sequence of requirements and services to properly prepare new loan applications for Initial Disclosures.

To use this plugin you will need to:
1. Create your own custom form with buttons to run services you need. I.e. Credit, Pricing, ...
2. Write your own logic which will enable / disable these buttons. I.e. - no SSN - no credit, ...
3. Determine if you want to execute generic services with vendor selection or from specific vendors
    - Generic services can be launched via Macro.ExecAction(), i.e. "ordercredit ", "getpricing", ...
    - Specific services can be launched via Macro.ExecSignature(), i.e. "_EPASS_SIGNATURE;EQUIFAX_CRI;2;EQUIFAXREQ;2101", ...
4. Then remove Services Tab and Menu from LOs.

Setup Guide:

Encompass Without Services Tab and Menu: